When people go to a homeschooling conference, it's likely there will be speakers who aren't homeschoolers and might not even know any unschoolers.

When unschoolers go to homeschooling conferences, the same thing can happen, in that even the homeschooling speakers might know nothing about unschooling.

Time to wind down slowly, and clarify, to laugh and to smile is missing from big conferences. Here, those things are scheduled. After many years of attending and presenting at conferences, I've heard many times that someone came just to hear me, or just to hear the unschooling speakers. At least half the time, too, the room I'm assigned is busy until just before time, and we have to get out quickly, or parents have to leave to get their children. We will have adjoining rooms—one for quiet play, and one for the presentations and meetings.

Families should try to share a little time with other families, in the off times, and at the water park.

IF UNSCHOOLING IS NEW to you, please read here to see whether you think this is something of interest. It's not a good fit for someone who might get there and say "WHAT!? What craziness is THIS!?"
Help for New Unschoolers
Just Add Light and Stir
If you consider yourself a more experienced unschooler and you're not a member of the Always Learning discussion, you might want to join.
Always Learning at yahoogroups
If anyone who's already registered reads those links and thinks "WHAT!? What craziness is THIS!?" I would rather send an advance refund and free up your weekend than to have you unhappy and risk the peace of the gathering.

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