Single attendee, $80
Two from a family: $110
Three, same family: $130
Four or more family members: $150
No charge for children younger than four.
Select the number of family members 4yrs or older in the "How Many People?" field.
List the names as you wish them to appear on name tags, and give ages of children (even younger than four), teens and young adults. (A follow-up e-mail is fine for that, too, if the paypal form is fumbled.)

QUESTIONS? e-mail me at
Someone had been trying to post a question about fees. write to me by e-mail, please.


  1. When you say "in the same family," does that include grandparents?

  2. Yes. Grandparents can come in on the family registration.

  3. What about mother's helpers? We are considering bringing 1 or 2 older girls from another unschooling family to help entertain our younger children while we attend the speaker sessions. Would we register their names with our family, or would they be a separate family registration?

  4. That's okay, Melissa. Include them as though they were your kids.

  5. I'm a french journalist making a documentary film about unschooling in France and in the US and I would be very interested to come to film your conference. Could you please contact me by e-mail : Thank you very much!

    1. Do you have any advertising possibilities? We at Edvisions Off Campus HS are an online, project-based school where many homeschoolers have found a "home". Let us know if there are spots for presenting or advertising.

  6. Cloée, I e-mailed you, but haven't heard back.
    Karen, no advertising possibilites; sorry.

  7. There is an e-mail link up above, if people have last-minute questions.