Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dates (repaired) and Site

We know what we're doing now, nearly entirely!

The site coordinator and native guide is Alex Polikowsky, who lives near Rochester, Minnesota. She looked at sites in and near Rochester, but the more affordable AND more exciting place turns out to be in Elk River, northwest of Minneapolis, and is The Wild Woods Waterpark Hotel, a Holiday Inn. But don't make a reservation yet. The contract is still being discussed.

The dates will be May 2-5, 2013.

May 2 is a Thursday, and if you show up then, you can settle in, play and start meeting people. If enough people stay Thursday night, they will open the water park.

May 3, Friday, will have a morning session, longish lunch break, and afternoon session. The water park opens at 4:00, and those who want to come back to the conference rooms after dinner to talk or play games can do so.

May 4, Saturday, same schedule but the water park will be open earlier, though by then the kids might be willing to play in the room near the presentations, and do the water park again later.

May 5, Sunday, morning session so those who want to check out can do so.

More information will be forthcoming and registration should be open in early September.


  1. Geez, I had to get online to find a May 2013 calendar because my 2012 calendar doesn't show next year's info! Anyhoo . . . it looks like the first Thursday of that month is the 2nd. But the bottom line is the "guts" of the symposium will be the first Friday, Saturday, & Sunday morning that month, correct?


  2. You're right about the dates. Very sorry. What's in the blog post above will have been repaired, thanks to Glenda's double-checking!

    People can't easily get in on Friday morning activities without waking up at the site, so Thursday's a good time to get there, get registered, start meeting people, sleep. But yes, the presentations will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.

  3. This sounds so great!!!! Looking forward to it!

  4. Looks like I won't have to travel too far... ;)