Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cold outside... Spring is coming!

It's 2013!

Eight families (or at least a mom, from a couple of those families) are registered already for Always Learning Live in Minneapolis!

Reminder, on a cold day:

The basic conference room, at our discount, has two queen beds for $89 plus taxes.
Each room comes with four waterpark passes. (up to four)

The Albuquerque symposium has just ended and I'm really tired, but in a couple of days I'll be ready for another round.   (Now I just need to wait four months!)


  1. Sandra, I've just discovered this conference. Is it for families of traditional school age children only? My son is 23 and lives in the Twin Cities, we could possibly incorporate this with a visit -- and he unschooled his whole life as well.

    Any thoughts of reaching out to grown unschoolers?

  2. Write to me at about this, if you would, please.

    I have no objection to having you attend even though your child is grown, if you're interested. The subject matter will be as discussed on my site and discussion group (Always Learning, at yahoo) and on Joyce Fetteroll's site.

  3. We are looking forward to this! My son has been curious about who will be attending, & with Alex's blessings has set up a Facebook group. ;) If you plan on attending, no matter your age, please join!