Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy updates!

Greetings, all attendees and interested parties!

We have eighteen families thusfar, and I'm really looking forward to this.

If anyone who has signed up is not a member of the Always Learning discussion group, I invite you to join. Please do read some at my site and Joyce Fetteroll's. If you've accidentally signed up for a radical unschooling symposium without knowing you did, let me know so I can send a refund and save you frustration.

If anyone is new to unschooling, an excellent introductory series is available by e-mail from Pam Laricchia on her beautiful little site here: Living Joyfully.

I will add a tab up top here with links to any bios families choose to share (send info to me, and photos if you wish), and some rough stats on who's signed up (when I know ages and have confirmations). "PEOPLE" (in the tabs at the top of the blog).

If you receive this by e-mail, click the blog title to get to the blog. Thanks!

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