Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Natalie Jackson's family

The Jacksons, Ben, Natalie, DD 5 and DS 2 1/2

We live and learn in the Twin Cities. Ben is a software engineer who loves gardening and reading and time with friends and family. I am a former high school teacher and current student at a technical college studying apparel design and production. I manage the messy household and try to keep up with the kids and my own school work. DD loves art projects, rhyming games, numbers, and playing outside. DS loves anything with a cord or motor, listening to and making music, and helping in the kitchen.

I started thinking about homeschooling over two years ago after a play date with a friend who was touring Kindergartens for her son. After researching homeschooling styles and philosophies, we realized that we had been unschooling the kids -- and ourselves, to a large extent -- all along. Our plan is to keep doing what helps our kids thrive and learn until it stops working for them or for us. So far, no sign of it stopping.

I look forward to meeting the other families at the conference, and to learning more, and to having some fun at the water park. --Natalie

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