Sunday, April 14, 2013

Deanna & Alexander, joined by Kevin

Hello from Duluth! Living in northern MN, we feel lucky to be able to enjoy both city life and wilderness fun, as both are close by. Alexander (15) has never been to school, and we’ve been on the unschooling path for many years now.

Deanna’s former life included working as a speech/language therapist and a massage/bodywork therapist. Her current life includes exploring with Alexander & husband John, cooking, gardening, knitting, hiking, and a bit of yoga. An information junkie, books and her iPad are often close by.

Alexander has long enjoyed gaming and has met some truly awesome friends on the Unschooling Gamers group. He dove deep into computers & programming this past year, working a 6-week internship at a local computer shop, and amassing components for building his own computer. One of his biggest passions is the Melbourne Shuffle, a dance form that has brought him contacts from a wide variety of places and some cool background on the history & sub-genres of electronica music; he looks forward to meeting up with some other shufflers and dancin’ till dawn at the Anime Detour Con again this year. (Yep, manga and anime have been long-time passions, as well.)

We will be joined by Kevin, a gaming buddy from CA. His bio states: “I’m Scooty McGee, I mean Kevin. I did ballroom dance for two years. I’m also into gaming, and stand up/improv comedy.”

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