Thursday, March 21, 2013

New page in the tabs above

I've included a page on the focus of the event, following a kind and reasonable request for a description. (or if you're reading at the blog, click the "focus" tab above)

My intention isn't to provide an introduction for people who don't know anything about unschooling. It will be easiest and most peaceful if there are no raw beginners, but it's a symposium for unschoolers, rather than an introductory event.

If someone is already registered, though, or really wants to attend, and unschooling IS new, the "help" link on the page above will help. The best current intro is Pam Laricchia's, and if you sign up now, you'll have time to receive most of it before the symposium! It's a timed series of introductory e-mails, elegantly designed. I really like it.

And there's more about Pam Laricchia in an interview I did for the California HomeSchool Network's magazine:

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