Thursday, March 21, 2013

questions, and a photo

I've added a photo to the Fender Family introduction.

Between now and our gathering, please consider very brief answers to these questions. I'd like to do a couple of intro rounds on Friday, alternating with some introductory (fairly basic) unschooling ideas from the speakers. No participant will be required to speak. "Pass" is fine. :-) You can just gesture us away if someone asks you a question, but I will be inviting those who are willing to share something personal.

I will probably ask for people to name a person or two who helped them move toward being a better parent, or understanding unschooling better. Sometimes a friend who didn't even go on to become an unschooler can have said something that helped us substantially. For me, two La Leche League Leaders and a friend who didn't end up unschooling said things that were very short, but that caused me to think very differently. I will name them, there, in that round. We can fill the room with simple gratitude.

Another question I think would be helpful in a go-around-the-room way (and you can pass) is "What do you wish you had known sooner?" Think of something if you can, and of a way to word it succinctly so that others in the room then Have It. :-) We can fill the room with wisdom.

And on Friday I'll collect questions in writing for the Saturday sessions, and share them out with Jill and Alex. One or two of us can address each question any participant might have.

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