Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reminder and *sorry*!

Remember to send a bio and photos if you want (more photos can be added, too): Send them to me at Sandra @ SandraDodd dot com

We're not allowed any snacks in the public areas of the hotel, so please remember to have snacks in your rooms or (if you're not staying in the hotel) in your car, in case kids get hungry. Food can help keep the peace. :-)

I've changed the settings for comments, because of some spam, so if you leave a comment please allow for a few hours (half a day at nighttime) for me or to see it and let it through. Sorry some of you got copies of the spam posts.

I'll thank her again, but I wanted to say how grateful I am to Alex Polikowsky for finding the water park for us, and helping to organize things, and to Jill Parmer for going with me to inspire you all and share stories of older unschoolers'experiences!

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