Monday, May 6, 2013

"Sweet and patient" (and thank you)

It's Monday morning, and I'm doing my final packing. I enjoyed the weekend here, and the days before that at Alex's farm!

I have some praise to share with the rest of the group:

At breakfast I thanked the restaurant manager (I think she might be), whose name is also Sandra, for her help upstairs. She said it was her pleasure and that our group was great. I said I thought so, too. :-) I said "Weren't those teenaged boys sweet?" YES! She said, with big eyes. "We're not used to that," she added.

She said that the kids were all calm and polite, and that other employees commented on that too, and that the front desk was impressed. She said they're used to loud kids and parents who let their kids have the run of the hotel, and the kids go wild about the water park, but that the kids in our group were sweet and patient.

Thank you, all of you who had those sweet kids who made our group, and homeschooling in general, look good to a new group of people. :-)

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