Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday night welcome, Friday morning notes

I know several families are at the hotel, the water park is reported to be large and fun, and the conference rooms have been set up.

On the second floor, when you get out of the elevator, the presentations and young children's rooms are to the right. To the left, past the open area (and then to the right), is a room for older kids to hang out in for video games, board games, or chatting. Between those two you'll see some tables and chairs we can also use.

Please try to plan to eat lunch in the hotel restaurant on Friday. After that, no obligation. (If you can't, don't worry. If you can, cool.)

Some of you know already, but I'm fairly face-blind. I might not recognize you if I've only met you a time or two. If we talk on Friday, and I see you again on Saturday, I might likely look at you blankly. I'm really sorry about that. It takes me a while, but I can learn faces slowly.

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