Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Minnesota Photos, 2013

This is a link to all the photos I took while I was in Minnesota. All that I didn't delete for being too fuzzy or weird, anyway. :-)

There are none of the symposium! I didn't know people well enough to be snapping photos of them, but next year I might feel differently! And we ARE planning a next year!

Some are self-explanatory, and for some no explanation will help, but if there's anything you really wonder about, leave a note below, or there, or e-mail me. :-) I will attempt to justify my pixelating actions.


You'll see some of those on Just Add Light over the next few months. The one of the eagle in the water was used already.

 photo eaglebath.jpgRespect and acceptance are more important than test scores and "performance." Understanding is more important than recitation.

What doesn't show is that it was a rescue eagle in the river for an outing, and not a wild eagle I happened to catch. Still, it's an honest picture, lifted from an honest little video.

I always like to see what visitors to New Mexico photograph. I forget sometimes what's pretty until I see what other people got excited about. (No guarantee on my stuff to be representative of pretty, but do note the artful arrangement of the deer carcass, and how the cat's face and the preemie calf's face nearly matched! (And from that perspective, their size, too.)

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